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+30-v. ulkosuomalaisen käsityöblogi. Suomesta Thaimaahan muuton myötä käsityöt ovat siirtyneet neulomisesta enemmän virkkaamisen suuntaan. Samalla villalangat vaihtuivat puuvillaan. Mielelläni myös ompelisin enemmän, jos aikaa vain olisi! Blogissa esiintyy toisinaan myös 17-vuotias ulkosuomalainen kissaherra Ludvig.


Welcome to my blog!

Down to Earth -blog has a lovely theme going at the moment, called My Favourite Place. Ladies all over the world share their favourite place at home by pictures and words. Today was my turn!

So, I'd like to welcome you all popping in from D2E! I work as a primary school teacher, so it's been a bit quiet at the blog lately, since we just started a new semester. Classes and planning are keeping me more than busy!

Feel free to take a look at my blog. It's mostly about my crafts, with some glimpses of my life, home, and cat :) It's all in Finnish, but I hope you enjoy the pictures!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Hello there! I found you through Down to Earth blog. You have created many lovely things on your site. Do you have an english translator button? I really love your quilt you made for your rocking chair:)

  2. Thank you Zena! I'll give the translate button a try! I'm not sure how well Finnish translates, the grammar is so different from English. But we'll see!

  3. loved your little nook & the cat! such a sweet spot you made for yourself
    thanx for sharing

  4. ♥Love your cozy corner and your quilt~!
    ~Carolyne, Southern Oregon, USA